Search Engines
Wolfram Alpha   Wolfram Alpha
Google   Small, quick, good !
Google Groups   Answers you never asked for...
GameCopyWorld   Patches
Astalavista   Security related information
freedb   Free Music-Database...
Stadtplandienst   Stadtplaene in Deutschland
Leo's Dictionary   Leo's D<->E Dictionary   Dictionary
Waehrungsrechner   Yahoo Waehrungsrechner
Wetter Online   Wetter Online

Heise Newsticker   German Newsticker
Slashdot   News for nerds
Symbian News   Communicator News
The Daily WTF   Programmers Nightmares

DVD & Audio
Area DVD   DVD News #1
DVD Center   DVD News #2 and nice forum
Audioreview   Great review-site for any home entertainment electronic

TV & Media
Digi TV   TV & Sat News
Kress   Kress Mediennachrichten
DWDL   Medien News
IMDB   Internet Movie Database
Premiere   german Pay-TV
TV Series   Huge TV-series list
Bild   Die Wahrheit ├╝ber Bild
NPD Blog   NPD Blog
Medienrauschen   Medien-Blog
SABlog   SABs Mediennews
Fernsehlexikon   Fernsehen und mehr

Aconto   Noisecontrol Cases
Matrox   IMO the best graphics card manufacturer
ATI   ATI Hardware
Asus   Motherboards, Notebooks and more

IDEA EAP   Simply the most intelligent IDE around.
IDEA Plugins   Simply the most intelligent IDE around.
Sourceforge   Open Source Development Platform
JDC   JavaSoft Developers Connection
Java Apple   Java Entwicklung unter MacOS

Spielbox   nice gaming resource
Luding   Huge database with a lot of review links
BoardGameGeek   Online community about board games.
Brettspielwelt   Online Brettspiele spielen

Nubert   German Speaker Factory (look for the AW-1000!)   nice Online Bookshop
Hificomponents   HiFi Dealer
Alternate   Hardware Shop
ebay   Auktionshaus


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